Wet Bars

Wet Bar and Price Guideline

The type and of set up your bar choices is just as important as your menu. The following will provide you with insight of costs to you and your guests. Information such as average age of guests, majority of beverage preference. Our goal is to have your guest’s thank you on a wonderful event.

Type of Wet Bar

  • Host Bar, Sponsored by the member/ contact person of the event

  • Cash Bar, Each guest pays for their drinks. Prices include excise tax only. Gratuity Accepted.

  • Host/Cash Bar, This allows you to have many options. You can host a portion of the bar through drink tickets, certain beverages or even placing a time frame on the bar itself.

    • A Bartender Fee of $60 per Hour, per Bar, will be Waived when Bar Sales Exceed $500.00 per Bar

Brands of Wet Bars

Choose, Well, Call, Premium and Super Premium brand liquors. Host Bars will include gratuity. Outside liquor is not allowed in the facility and beverages containing alcohol are not to leave the premises. Should this be violated by you or any guests, the contact person will be notified immediately and a $100.00 fee will be accessed to the contact person of the function